Using Your Voice to Tell Your Personal Story

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Writing is very personal and it tells a story, your story. In this blog, I write quite often about using your voice to tell your story and more importantly being comfortable in your own skin and not letting fear determine how you walk your path. Telling and writing your story is more than saying a few words every now and then about what makes you happy, sad, passionate, or determined. It is also tied to walking in your purpose, your path to what makes you complete and whole.

When you first sit down and think about telling your story in written form, what do you think about? I find it best to approach this just like you are sitting down with friends and family and having a conversation in your own voice; being yourself because that is what people love most about you. Many people now say “being our authentic selves” and I say let yourself be vulnerable and it is ok to feel some discomfort when telling or sharing your story. This is what stretches us and makes us relate to people who may be feeling the same way about telling their personal story.

I think back to 6 years ago when I started blogging and looking back at those posts, I totally want to refresh them and expand on them. I am definitely doing this one day in the near future! In looking at those posts and reading them now, I sounded so tentative. Now, I am not being too hard on myself and what I am seeing now in my writing are areas for improvement and where I can be more transparent.

And then my first book came along in 2015. I thought about how I would write a book, get it published, most importantly get my book in the hands of people who were interested in topics of faith, love, and happiness. This was my theme and remains my theme today and using my voice to tell the stories around these topics are just as important to me now as they were back then. I am still amazed about how I came to publish my first book and then the second book followed by a book collaboration with 6 wonderful women.

With my first two books, A Life With A View and Inspiring Creative Passion I wrote those with a sense and feeling of purpose. Being around other people and telling my story in my own voice through book collaboration efforts enhanced my storytelling even more and has allowed me to share more about me, my story, where I stand today, and where I want to go. Have you had those thoughts and feelings? I am here to help since I have lived it and I am continuing to live through the process of using my voice to tell the world my story.

Having a voice for the things we are passionate about breathes life into our stories and they live on through us and helps other people. This is why A Life With A View Publishing exists to help you tell and share your story to the world.

Now, how can I help you tell your story? Leave a comment below and let’s chat about it and also stop by to book a one-on-one consultation and check out our Resource Library. Suggestions? Leave those below too as I am always looking for creative ways have our voices heard and our personal stories share who we are and connects us with all that is in store in our lives.

A Life With A View...My Story

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I am from a small family where my father was an only child and so were his mom and dad, my grandparents. On my mom's side of the family, my mom has one sister and her mom and dad had a couple of siblings each. I have one sister who is three years younger than me and we are pretty close. Only living about 15 minutes from each other, we mostly text and when we talk it is almost like we just talked a few hours ago. With busy schedules dictating our lives, family has always been important to me and I consider friends my family also.

When I was younger and living in New Jersey, I always wanted to write as I was very expressive as a child and talked a lot. {at least that's what my mom told me} I always had something to say and being expressive through smiling at others is always the first thing people say when they meet me. Most times I get asked: "Why do you smile so much?" Is it for me or to help others? Feeling naturally good is always something I've felt inside even when times were tough. I relied on my faith and feeling good internally to get me through any pain I may be experiencing. Smiling during those times was all I had at one point so I latched on and never let go.

Since 2009 only a year after my daughter was born, I found out my father was very sick. He passed away the following year in February 2010 and my life has been a bit of a roller coaster since that time. I have always been a very happy person; I get along with just about everyone that I meet and interact with in my personal life, at work, and people I meet in the grocery store and anywhere else in my travels.  There are always some exceptions…

Since 2010, so many trials and tribulations have come my way and I feel like I have handled them well - except coming to the realization that my marriage was over. My first thoughts were "no not me!"..."but I'm a nice girl!?!"... "we have 2 kids - what do I do now?!"  Going through my divorce only three years after losing my dad was pretty traumatic. 14 and a 1/2 years of marriage and 2 children, was the icing on the cake...and it wasn’t the pretty buttercream or chocolate icing that we are used to. My kids are now 18 and 11 and we are doing well (thank you for asking). They are great kids, strong and resilient and also full of energy. If it weren't for my kids, my family and friends who knows where I would be today. This journey called life brought me right here to A Life With A View.

I talk about my journey in a lot of my blog posts since one post just won't do it. Right here on the blog, I highlighted Join Me On The Blog Journey and you can access the post here. Bringing everything together over the past 6 years has been a journey in itself - one where I would not change one thing. The constant thing about this journey is me, the girl behind the dream, behind the brand, and now in front for the world to see.

A Life With A View has grown and is still growing and expanding with more of a focus on you and what you want to see. Being an author of 2 books and a collaborator on 1 book, I see the need to share this knowledge and more of my experience as a published author and to help other share and tell their stories. Through this journey and the people who I have met while walking my journey, through networking events and by coincidence, I felt within my heart to share more through my work about the book publshing process.

Becoming a published author is not something that happens over night. After over two years of blog posts, I felt compelled to combine those posts into a book since the blot posts told my story and shared a peek into my experience as a writer. The first book, A Life With A View, is more of a short story version of my life through snippets of my written blog posts. The second book, Inspiring Creative Passion, dug deeper into my writing and the energy behind expanding my writing and growing as a writer shined through the second book.

On this blog and through our digital space, we will journey together so you can tell your story and be proud of what you are sharing in your own way. Our Resource Library has a host of people to help you get started no matter where you are in the process.

What’s your story? Are you still writing it? My story does not stop here; it keeps developing with me and the main thing is connecting with others and sharing our stories and continuing to grow.

5 Things You Need To Do When Publishing Your First Book

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Welcome to A Life With A View Publishing! I am so excited to share with you the very first blog post for the publishing side of A Life With A View. Thank you for stopping by the blog and the newly designed website so I can focus more on you and, getting your voice heard and your work out for the world to see. The next few blog posts will focus on setting yourself up for success while journeying through the book publishing process. There are so many tips to share and many paths to take. In a future blog post, I will share my story from the beginning and a day in the life of A Life With A View.

For this first blog post for the publishing side, we will focus on 5 things you need to do when publishing your first book. You may be thinking: “How did I get here?” and, “Yes, I want to write a book - where do I begin?” Believe me, I had all of those same thoughts about 5 years ago when I was writing and working to pull together content. The excitement alone kept me going as I was working to bring my personal blog to life and share my journey with the world.

Here are 5 things to get you started on the path to publish your first book plus a bonus tip to help you pull your book together:

  1. Create a Theme for Your Book: Identify your writing interests such as self-help, cooking, fashion, or sports. Write down words which inspire a theme in your heart and mind.

  2. Develop and Create Your Content: Once you have your theme, gather books, magazines, website content around your theme and begin writing. If you already have content, begin following blogs, websites, and other forms of media to enhance your content. Having content volume is good!

  3. Collect Your Writings in a Safe & Comfortable Location: There are so many digital tools to store and collect writings like Dropbox and Google Drive. Goal planners and journals are good to store writings especially when you are on the go and thoughts around your topic come to mind.

  4. Identify Your Audience: Who are you writing for? What do you want to share with your audience? Write this down as if you were having a conversation with your audience.

  5. Speak Your Book into Existence: Talk out loud while writing your book and pulling together your content. Don’t be afraid to mess up and speak as if you are talking to yourself and your audience.

    BONUS TIP: Depending on the length of your book and the number of days in a month, if you write one page each day you will have at least 30 pages of written content. Think of a Word document; single-spaced which equals at least 2 pages in an average-sized book (5x8).

So what’s next? Well, we have a nice long journey and partnership ahead and I am so glad you are here. The newly designed website has resources in our Resource Library to help you with all facets of the book publishing process whether you are a first-time author or if you have a few published books under your belt.

I would love to work with you to get you started no matter where you are in the process of publishing your first book. Connect with me here and leave a comment below on where you need help. Feel free to click here to email me anytime. Looking forward to hearing from you!