I LOVE movies! Actors and Actresses from Eddie Murphy to Meryl Streep - I love them all!  I can quote movie lines; act out scenes from movies when I want to be serious or silly.  Sometimes that is the best way to get through life at times. The saying that "art imitates life" is so very true and this has been my story for past few years. Through this blog and by connecting with many great people who share my love of movies and anything inspirational and positive, I also share the 10 principles that I am most passionate about:

Faith, Love, Happiness, Friendship, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Openness, Acceptance


Since 2009 only a year after my daughter was born, I found out my father was very sick. He passed away the following year in February 2010 and my life has been a bit of a roller coaster since that time. I have always been a very happy person; I get along with just about everyone that I meet and interact with in my personal life, at work, and people I meet in the grocery store and anywhere else in my travels.  There are always some exceptions…

Since 2010, so many trials and tribulations have come my way and I feel like I have handled them well - except coming to the realization that my marriage was over. My first thoughts were "no not me!"..."but I'm a nice girl!?!"... "we have 2 kids - what do I do now?!"  Going through my divorce only three years after losing my dad was pretty traumatic. 14 and a 1/2 years of marriage and 2 children, was the icing on the cake...and it wasn’t the pretty buttercream or chocolate icing that we are used to. My kids are now 18 and 11 and we are doing well (thank you for asking). They are great kids, strong and resilient and also full of energy. If it weren't for my kids, my family and friends who knows where I would be today. At one point in my life, I had a ways to go; to trust, to feel, to share my feelings and learn to experience some great things – I know I am still a work in progress. I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful and comforting. I am truly happy that you stopped by to check things out! 


What is your life with a view?