5 Things You Need To Do When Publishing Your First Book

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Welcome to A Life With A View Publishing! I am so excited to share with you the very first blog post for the publishing side of A Life With A View. Thank you for stopping by the blog and the newly designed website so I can focus more on you and, getting your voice heard and your work out for the world to see. The next few blog posts will focus on setting yourself up for success while journeying through the book publishing process. There are so many tips to share and many paths to take. In a future blog post, I will share my story from the beginning and a day in the life of A Life With A View.

For this first blog post for the publishing side, we will focus on 5 things you need to do when publishing your first book. You may be thinking: “How did I get here?” and, “Yes, I want to write a book - where do I begin?” Believe me, I had all of those same thoughts about 5 years ago when I was writing and working to pull together content. The excitement alone kept me going as I was working to bring my personal blog to life and share my journey with the world.

Here are 5 things to get you started on the path to publish your first book plus a bonus tip to help you pull your book together:

  1. Create a Theme for Your Book: Identify your writing interests such as self-help, cooking, fashion, or sports. Write down words which inspire a theme in your heart and mind.

  2. Develop and Create Your Content: Once you have your theme, gather books, magazines, website content around your theme and begin writing. If you already have content, begin following blogs, websites, and other forms of media to enhance your content. Having content volume is good!

  3. Collect Your Writings in a Safe & Comfortable Location: There are so many digital tools to store and collect writings like Dropbox and Google Drive. Goal planners and journals are good to store writings especially when you are on the go and thoughts around your topic come to mind.

  4. Identify Your Audience: Who are you writing for? What do you want to share with your audience? Write this down as if you were having a conversation with your audience.

  5. Speak Your Book into Existence: Talk out loud while writing your book and pulling together your content. Don’t be afraid to mess up and speak as if you are talking to yourself and your audience.

    BONUS TIP: Depending on the length of your book and the number of days in a month, if you write one page each day you will have at least 30 pages of written content. Think of a Word document; single-spaced which equals at least 2 pages in an average-sized book (5x8).

So what’s next? Well, we have a nice long journey and partnership ahead and I am so glad you are here. The newly designed website has resources in our Resource Library to help you with all facets of the book publishing process whether you are a first-time author or if you have a few published books under your belt.

I would love to work with you to get you started no matter where you are in the process of publishing your first book. Connect with me here and leave a comment below on where you need help. Feel free to click here to email me anytime. Looking forward to hearing from you!