Hi, my name is Lynda D. Mallory and I am an accidental writer. Why? Well, because writing helped me get through a tough time a few years ago and now I love to write and inspire people to be great, no matter what their current situation looks like. I help people adopt a positive lifestyle and outlook because this mindset has made all the difference for me through my own ups and downs.

I began writing when I was nine years old. I came up with characters based on what I wanted to be when I grew up; this even included being a super hero! I have always had a creative side and I wanted to bridge my creativeness and find ways to help others through life's challenges. This is where the concept of A Life With A View was born in July 2013. As a blogger and author, I have been thrilled to meet like-minded bloggers, writers and creative coaches along the way, who share my passion for inspiring others.

Be honest about who you are and remain true to yourself. Embrace your whole self; your emotions, your faith, your vulnerabilities. Don’t be afraid of the journey. It will define and motivate you to be your best.
— Lynda D. Mallory

If you have ever struggled with self-confidence, knowing your self-worth, establishing your faith and renewal, you are in the right place. Join me on this journey while I provide you resources to help you get through the good and not so good times. For a more consolidated view of inspiration, stop by and take a peek and purchase my first book: A Life With A View. This book has my most precious blog posts when I began blogging.

Speaking of blog posts, be sure to subscribe here on my webpage and connect with me on social media.  Here on my webpage, you will find information about the book publishing process, blog posts for tips on sharing your writings, and also a resource library to help you through every aspect of your writing and business. I look forward to bringing you inspirational resources to help and guide you find your life with a view.