Self-Care Keeps You Whole

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This new year certainly snuck up on me while trying to organize my thoughts in writing. Here we are at 2018 and instead of thinking about all of the things I wanted to do or didn't get done in 2017, I decided to focus on the year head and reflect on my wins. This post is part of the Inspiring Creative Passion Writing Challenge that I started last year and was hoping to finish. But, guess what? I had to take a break for some self-care.

Before I knew it, we were in mid-December 2017 and realized I had a lot of leave left to take from my full-time job. Even when I would take off from work I would still check emails, log in, follow up on tasks and this would eat back into the leave I needed to take. Although I took off for 5 days and headed to Miami in early December, I found out I still needed time and my body was telling me to take a break. Did I bite off more than I could chew? Sure I did and I was feeling it.

The "it" for me was the overwhelming feeling of doing too much and still feeling like I was not doing enough. Then I had to think about it - didn't I write a blog post or two or even an eBook about this? This is a lesson in practicing what you preach. In order for me to be whole, I had to practice my own advice and also look to many others who have written books, articles, and blog posts about self-care and the benefits.

When you set out to do everything under the sun whether it is working, writing, pleasing others, taking care of other people - you eventually burn out. I learned about taking care of myself (again) at the start of the new year when I was down for the count and did not have the energy to write. So here I am back, all self-cared up, and in the swing of things. In my self-care eBook which you can grab for Free by clicking the button below, I list 10 ways for you to help yourself to your own self-care. For now and for this post, I list 5 ways to get you started right now and you can grab the Free eBook for the rest:

  1. Choose a word or phrase to start your self-care journey

  2. Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you

  3. Choose at least one day a week to dedicate to your self-care routine

  4. Set aside time do something you love; we excel at what we love to do

  5. Remove anything negative from your thoughts to free your mind to continue on your self-care journey

How do you practice self-care? I would love to hear your tips also to share with our community. Don't forget to click the button below to download your free self-care eBook!

Embrace Your Season of Change: Rest, Relaxation, Renewal

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Here we the middle of the holiday season, the rush, and the change of seasons in many areas around the world. While writing this post and thinking of the season, of course for me the first thing which comes to mind is Christmas, followed by the New Year which is exactly two weeks away. When I put it like this, I instantly feel the rush to get things done, make improvements in my life, and begin to plan what I would like to accomplish for the coming year.

Well, that was certainly a mouthful, huh? Now if it could only be that easy, right? It certainly sounds good. :) I write and speak a lot about life's challenges and how to get through them. There was a point in my life when I only wanted to embrace the good things not face the bad or challenging things. More energy was put into making things look and feel good around me so there were times when I did not face or embrace my season of change and when it hit, it hit hard and fast.

Sure, I would love to have everything all planned out, in order, labeled, fixed, duct-taped and everything else. But, I now know as I approach my 46th birthday in two weeks that there is a reason for the season; a reason for change, and more reason to embrace it. I was sitting at the cusp of change six years ago around this same time wondering what I would do over the next few weeks, months, and years to come. It was at this point six years ago when my husband and I decided to separate and he moved out of our home just after the new year in 2012. At this time, I was approaching my 40th birthday and thinking to myself: "What would I do with two young children, on my own from day-to-day?" Facing this time in my life was certainly the toughest season from what I can remember besides the passing of my father in 2010.

Embracing this season of change was certainly not easy and I had to face many things which I did not want to come to grips with. One of the things I had to face was telling everyone my story; even my closest friends who had no idea what was going on until January 2012. So here we are, almost in January of 2018 and because you asked, yes - my birthday is January 2. As I approach my 46th birthday, I am so excited and filled with purpose and passion. I do not think I would be where I am today if I did not embrace and face the challenges met over the years. As the title of the post states rest, relaxation, and renewal - I must tell you where I am now six years later:

  1. Rest: After the dust settled in 2012, I carved out one evening each week to rest and be still. This is hard for me since I love to be on the go and my kids love being on the go also with their activities.

  2. Relaxation: Yes, this is a bit different from rest as I consider this time to be an extended period where you take vacation whether from work or other activities. Usually for me this is around the holidays where I take about two weeks off from work and continue to spend time doing everything I love.

  3. Renewal: Part of renewal for me is forgiveness. I was holding onto so much although smiling on the outside. I took some time to repair myself, forgive what was done to me, and take ownership of my mistakes also. I am in a much better, renewed place.

Where am I today? I must share with you I recently realized what I was going through has lifted a bit, or a lot I should say. Time definitely heals (and a little vacation too!...future post coming!) I have been more confident in doing the things I love and also not being so quick to judge others based on what I would do. Yes, this is a weakness of mine. I am learning to meet people where they are and not where I think they should be. As of now, I continue to practice what I preach and my ex-husband and I are in a better place where we co-parent well and communicate much better. There are days when things aren't perfect and just knowing that I am happy and the kids are happy and doing well is plenty for me.

How are you embracing your season of change? Share in the comments, write in your journal, and tell a friend. We can all use advice, tips, and best practices in this area. For more on my story, I have shared many posts here on the blog and also in my books which you can find by clicking here. I encourage you to share your story too since you never know who is waiting for you to lead the way.

Write The Words You Are Inspired By

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Can you believe we are half way through this writing challenge? How are you coming along? Ironically, this week's topic focuses on writing the words you are inspired by. When I sat down to think about what to write, I didn't have to think too hard as I know I can be very wordy at times. (so they tell me!) This is one of those easy topics for me where other topics, the words do not come so easily.

In my writing, I strive to write with more confidence while being intentional with my words or phrases. This can be a tough balance and the more I write the more I continue to work towards this goal. What about you? What words inspire you to write; or better yet - to follow your dreams and goals?

I remember so vividly now 4.5 years ago how I struggled to write my very first blog post. I was thinking way too much and not focusing on being my natural self. Writing for me has not always been easy but I have always had it in me to share my words and my story on paper. Even when I was down and had to claw my way out of being depressed and sad because of what life dealt to me, words, positive words got me restarted and charged up to keep pushing.

Think about a situation in your life or something that significantly changed you forever or even for a period of time. We can all identify with something that changed us and for me I had to get my words together and out of my head. This is where A Life With A View was born. Ten words which mean the world to me and I have been able to build my writing and my books around these words: Faith, Love, Happiness, Friendship, Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Openness, Acceptance.

With over four years of blog posts and two books, I have remained inspired to keep writing and those words are now phrases which became my inspiration to keep going. For you, try with one or two words and then grow to three or four. Why ten words for me? I had been holding back for so long and I had lots to say well before 2013 when this blog was started. I would say don't wait a long time - get it out in the open whether you write your words, speak them into a microphone, or confide in someone close to you. Getting your words out there for the world and for you to see and hear keeps you inspired wherever you are on your journey.

Leave a comment below and share the words you are inspired by. It could be one, two, or more and even a phrase that gets you up and going. Also share how this writing challenge inspires you and what you'd like to see more of as we continue to write and grow together.


Igniting Your Passion

Ignite Your Passion.png

This second blog post in the Inspiring Creative Passion blog series really hits home for me. I wondered for many years what my passion was even though I knew it was writing of some sort but it took a while for the spark to come. Over the last year or so, I have been on a discovery of sorts and it is now all coming together as I have worked hard to write even when I did not feel like it. Joining writing challenges and now starting my own writing challenge holds me to my word and the commitment to write every day.

I have to admit that I was afraid to write sometimes and the words just would not come. Was I losing my passion for writing or was I just scared? I believe it was a combination of the two. Who would want to read this stuff if I wasn't passion about what I was writing? The fire in me started and stopped many times and the spark to keep writing did not come easy. So what did I do? Now I couldn't just sit back and do nothing so I looked for inspiration - other writers who inspired me by the way they tell their stories and what inspires them.

But still, I would start and then stop; then start and stop again. Upon connecting with other writers and people who I am inspired by, this held me accountable to make time to write and the spark of writing was not behind or ahead of me, it was with me and right in sync with what I was writing each day. And then, about 4 years ago I started the blog, FIRE - Faith In Renewing Each Other. At the time, I needed a strong word or phrase to get me started. I remember exactly where I was when I made the decision to come up with a title for my first blog post. I was having dinner and wine with a friend and we were both going through a very hard time. As I was sitting at her house, it hit me and I wrote my very first blog post: Change: A Not So Scary Thought. You can find the post by clicking here

And here we are today - approaching 2018 and going on 5 years of blogging for me. I have many lessons learned, triumphs, setbacks, and successes and definitely more to look forward to. After reading this post, what is on your mind? What do you do to boost yourself up and ignite your passion? Well, I have 5 quick tips for you to take with you to continue on the path to ignite your passion:

  1. Look for the positive in what you set out to accomplish.

  2. Surround yourself with positive people.

  3. Invest in yourself - you are worth it!

  4. Find an accountability partner and connect.

  5. Smile at yourself and your accomplishments.

Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment below and let's add to this list!


The Road Ahead May Be Uncertain...Face Challenges With Confidence

The Road Ahead May Be Uncertain... Face Challenges With Confidence.png

Welcome to the first post of the Inspiring Creative Passion 7-week blog post series. I am happy to have a series of blog posts to share with you based on my new book, Inspiring Creative Passion. When I first thought of doing this, I wondered what it would look like; would it make sense and all of the other things we say to ourselves when we let fear set in. I believe the title of this post says it all: "The Road Ahead May Be Uncertain...Face Challenges with Confidence."

Ironically, and even before thinking about this series and blog post, I added the title to the Inspiring Creative Passion book in the Positive Affirmations section. I had to tell myself this many times as I would start something, leave it alone, and then it felt like I was falling down on my face. I kept getting up and I knew it was mostly fear and feeling uncomfortable pursuing my dreams which was stopping me from operating at my full potential.

Have you ever had this happen? Let fear stop you from seeing the road ahead and following your path to your dreams? No matter what you aspire to do, take it one step at a time and celebrate and reward yourself after each step. For example, when I set out to write Inspiring Creative Passion, I had no idea it would take me 10 months to get the book published. I knew the road ahead was foggy so I had to keep pushing despite obstacles to get this book finished. One of the things I did was to join an accountability group and this month, November 2017 is our 1-year anniversary of online meet-ups and I even had the pleasure of meeting one of my online sisters in person last month. This support system has been wonderful and has brought me out of my comfort zone. Next, and as I mentioned earlier, I rewarded myself after each chapter was finished. Finding the balance in all of this was key to the success of getting the book finished.

I have some ideas for you also. Here are 5 steps you can take to push fear aside and face the uncertain road ahead when following your dreams:

  1. Find or even start an accountability group. A close, knit group of like-minded people on a similar mission to achieve goals and follow their dreams.

  2. Set aside at least 30 minutes each day to focus on your goals and dreams. If you have more time, this is a bonus. Maybe it is after the kids are in bed and family and work needs are met. Make the time, take the time!

  3. Cut down the distractions like too much television (I'm guilty of this!) and social media. Use the time to research new tools, tips, and techniques to get you on the road to success.

  4. Find a book or an online resource which details the direction you want to go in or a similar goal or dream. This helps so you do not feel like you are reinventing the wheel.

  5. Lastly and certainly not least, write or journal your journey so you will have something to look back on and reflect on the path you are on. When looking back, check off the wins, pros, cons, and lessons learned.

Remember, the road ahead may not be easy but using the 5 steps above will boost your confidence and set you on the right path. Do you have some tips for facing challenges with confidence? I would love to hear what you have to share. Comment below, send me an email and connect with me on social media. I'd love to help you!

Stay tuned for more Positive Affirmations from Inspiring Creative Passion right here on the blog.


Meet The Girl Behind The Brand

I am from a small family where my father was an only child and so were his mom and dad, my grandparents. On my mom's side of the family, my mom has one sister and her mom and dad had a couple of siblings each. I have one sister who is three years younger than me and we are pretty close. Only living about 30 minutes from each other, we mostly text and when we talk it is almost like we just talked a few hours ago. With busy schedules dictating our lives, family has always been important to me and I consider friends my family also.

When I was much younger and living in New Jersey at the time, I always wanted to write as I was very expressive as a child and talked a lot. {at least that's what my mom told me} I always had something to say and being expressive through smiling at others is always the first thing people say when they meet me. Most times I get asked: "Why do you smile so much?" Is it for me or to help others? Feeling naturally good is always something I've felt inside even when times were tough. I relied on my faith and feeling good internally to get me through even through the pain. Smiling during those times was all I had at one point so I latched on and never let go.

I talk about my journey in a lot of my blog posts since one post just won't do it. Most recently, I highlighted Join Me On The Blog Journey and you can access the post here. Bringing everything together over the past almost 4 years has been a journey in itself - one where I would not change one thing. The constant thing about this journey is me, the girl behind the dream, behind the brand, and now in front for the world to see.

Why Do I Blog? I wrote about it here and my reason is simple: to share my stories of faith, love, happiness and hope. If I can touch one person by sharing what is most near and dear to me, I have succeeded. I first had to realize my gifts; the many different shapes, shades and sizes they come in. 

This is all part of a bigger plan, you see. To share, to write and hone in on my storytelling for two upcoming book projects in the near future. Yes, that's right - two books over the next year; actually in less than one year! The only way I can get better at writing is to keep pushing myself and honing in on what feels right to me - sharing and telling my story from beginning to end and being truly open and ready to receive all the things to come.

The girl behind the brand you ask? She is ready for the world - ready for the world to see, to share, to continue this journey. Ready to step from behind the brand and continue to be transparent, inviting, and one with my story.

When You Write to Heal...What's Next?

When You Write to Heal...What's Next_.png

I haven't always had this smile. Yes, I have always smiled but this smile is different. Different how you may ask? Well, this new smile comes from a healed place; a place of comfort; a place full of vulnerability which I never thought I'd share with the world.

I have probably written over 100 blog posts on the topics of faith, healing, forgiveness, and now two books later, I still have so much to say. Is the healing process ever really over? What's next after you say the words: "I've healed!" There is a continuous healing process through life and significant milestones or ups and downs can dictate the healing process.

In the many years prior to me sharing my written thoughts, I would keep my writings on tiny pieces of paper, in journals, notepads, and anywhere else I could write. Everything to my thoughts, my feelings and even down to how I was feeling in a particular moment would go on paper only for me to see at the time. Sometimes I wouldn't even write down how I was feeling - I would just keep it to myself and bottled up in my thoughts. I have grown a lot in the last four years since sharing my writings and publishing two books. It took a lot to get here including the loss of my father and my divorce.

In thinking about what triggered my road to healing, I would have to say it started a little while prior to my father getting sick and passing away in 2010. I felt my mind and thoughts on the path to destruction since I worked so hard to keep my smile in tact. Once I saw my smile beginning to crack, I still tried to hide behind my smile hoping others would not see what was going on with me. This was a hard thing to keep up and it lasted for a while until the real deal finally hit with everything else around me crumbling at the time.

Even during the tough times from 2010-2012, I pulled out my pen and paper since I could be in control and began to write. Do you know it took about 18 months for me to be comfortable enough to share my first blog post? I had no idea back then what blogging was but I knew I could use it to heal my inner self by sharing my thoughts, feelings, and to help others.

Now here we are 7 years, almost 8 years later of me recognizing when writing to heal you soothe yourself and you speak to people who are either where you are or where you were. If I speak to one person I am happy and fulfilled. In my case, I was speaking to myself. With well over 100 blog posts now, I wondered what was next. Do I continue to share my story? Should I write a book or start a series? I think I answered my own questions with two books: A Life With A View and Inspiring Creative Passion.

My first book, A Life With A View focused on previously published blog posts where my healing journey began. It wasn't until much later where I decided A Life With A View would be a series and this is where Inspiring Creative Passion was born. Inspiring Creative Passion, the second book in the A Life With A View series takes a deeper dive into faith, love, happiness and healing. There are positive affirmations throughout the Inspiring Creative Passion book with the hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams of doing what they love.

So what's next? Well, I can tell you my smile is back and in full force. On a scale of 1-10 my happiness is about an 8. (nothing is completely perfect) This is so much better than my happiness being at a 3 a few years ago. Building A Life With A View and connecting with people as a community has brought me a long way and I will continue this movement and write through anything that comes my way.

Behind The Scenes of Inspiring Creative Passion

Behind the Scenes.png

Here we are...just over 4 years later and I am more inspired than ever. What brought on all of this inspiration? I believe something clicked one day when I set out to find my purpose after going through a very rough time about 5 years ago. I realized my life has always had a view but the view was blurry and I was even blinded from seeing it a few years ago.

I have always wanted to do more but you know, life gets in the way sometimes. You get stifled by fear and not knowing what to do next or even if there is anything to do. While working to find direction for my life, I had to stop and slow down a bit. Things were all over the place - my full-time job, kids activities, family stuff; I just could not handle it all at the time. Now of course I worked very hard to make it all look easy and this was surely not the case. I worked much harder at pretending all things were in place and it became too much. While I was out there working to inspire others, I had to become inspired.

Then it came to me...this was it! I had to inspire my own creative passion in order for me to help and inspire others. So I took my own advice and got busy writing and the words began to flow. The basis of Faith and Love continued to guide me and I pressed on with the vision for Inspiring Creative Passion to be part of the A Life With A View series.

Getting out of my own way and over insecurities and being comfortable in my own skin helped me so much this year. I began to branch out and network with other writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and people who I admire. I even invested in some memberships to keep my writing on task. {Hence, the many blog posts I now have queued} The more I write, the better I feel and I began taking better care of my mental space too. Self-care became number one and I wanted to show others they can practice self-care and I created my very first self-care eBook which you can grab right here.

So what's next? I had to put all I've learned into another book. The next book in the A Life With A View series, Inspiring Creative Passion due out this Fall 2017. I will also continue to blog and write about topics near and dear to me and also to you while continuing to grow the A Life With A View brand. The ideas keep coming for blog posts, writing topics and maybe another book in the series in the future.

To keep all of this straight, I recently created a new Instagram account @inspiringcreativepassion to follow the journey of the new book and continue to connect with you and provide updates on the book release and an upcoming event in 2018.

What passion project are you working on? If you have something coming up, please leave a comment below. I'd love to support you as you have supported me.

A Boost of Self-Esteem

Becoming comfortable in my own skin took a long time. I even wrote about it you see, so I could help others get there. You can find the post here. This certainly did not happen over night since the root of becoming comfortable was working on my self-esteem from the inside out.

How long did it take for me to build my self-esteem? Ah - now that is certainly a loaded question. The most loaded question in my mind; almost like my favorite loaded baked potato at one of my favorite restaurants. *smile*  No but seriously, it took years. The number of times being knocked down, feeling like I was not enough certainly took its toll on me and I must say now I am not afraid to be great.

I began telling myself I can do the things I love on my own terms and not someone else's. No matter what everyone else was doing in their life, I had to keep going with what felt good to me. In particular, when starting this blog four years ago I was afraid to step out there. One of my first blog posts was stepping out on faith and having the courage to write when people asked me why I was doing this. Of course this started to mess with my self-esteem again especially after being newly divorced and a single mom of two children. So what did I do? I kept writing to heal and pouring my heart out into my words. The more I wrote the better I felt and doing what I loved to do, I remained consistent. There is nothing like consistency in a positive way to break an old habit.

Next, I realized self-esteem is an inside job like being comfortable in your own skin. You have to let yourself feel things and emotions and not cover up what you are feeling. This is something I used to do a lot. Even if I was sad or not feeling well, I still put on the happy face. I had to take ownership of what I was feeling and really dig deep and have the confidence to walk in my own truth and purpose.

Even still, I knew I could do more in this area so I read a lot of books, blogs, and connected with others who were also struggling in this area. And, guess what? We all have grown together. The one thing I got over was fear and once this was out of the way I made the decision to continue getting better and stepping out of my own way to be myself and be proud of the things I've accomplished.

Are you working on yourself and is there anything you would like to share? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you boost your self-esteem. Beginning with self-care really got me to where I am today. You can grab your free self-care eBook in this post and also on the blog. I look forward to reading your comments so we can keep the discussion going. Take care of you!

Comfortable in my own Skin

Being comfortable in my own skin took years of inner work. Yes, working from the inside out to develop a comfort level with myself and just being me. Life can take over at times and knock you down, sideways, front ways, and in strange directions. You never know what you will come up against in addition to every day inner struggles.

What are the inner struggles I am speaking of? Self-esteem and Self-confidence. I used to ask myself all the time why I didn't feel I was good enough or strong enough to follow my dreams and I often wondered what was stopping me. It wasn't until later in life I realized it was me.

I am a pretty upbeat person and I preach this stuff of being happy, having self-esteem and being confident and I surely was not practicing this at all. I used it to cover up my own pain and struggles of not feeling good enough or fitting in. Then one day, it came to me and I had a flash back to my childhood about how I was teased for being the tall girl at school. I would think to myself: "How dare they tease me for being tall!" I found myself trying to walk and talk small and this did nothing for me then and later in life. I was watering myself down based on the voices I heard in my head from being teased since I was tall.

Even as I got older, low self-esteem and not being confident played a part in some decisions I would make or not make. I did not take chances and was resistant to change since I didn't want to be the one to rock the boat for fear of being teased. Sometimes I could still hear the kids and the whispers and thought: "There has got be more to life than this." So what did I do? I pressed on and kept going; kept pursuing my dreams and now here I am in a comfortable space where I feel free to express myself while growing my self-esteem and self-confidence.

When you recognize the fact that you need to do the inner work, great things come to you. I have always known I wanted to be writer and publish a book to help myself and others. It took many years to get here and the development of myself came in stages and I am still working on myself every day. Connecting with other writers, bloggers, authors, and like-minded people who support me each day has helped so much. This is when things really began to change and I felt differently inside and the confidence began to radiate.

Earlier this year while searching for writing topics, I wanted to connect with other bloggers to get some ideas on how to build self-esteem and self-confidence. I came across a website called The Tall Society. I thought wow, let me check this out so I did. This was just what I needed! Connecting with other tall women from all walks of life and the first chance I could, I attended a brunch event in Washington, DC. You can read more about it here in my A Tall Girl's Dream blog post. What did this do for me? It helped me resolve my feelings of being too tall or too this or that and not having the faith to believe in myself and work on my self-esteem and self-confidence. And of course, I attended another Tall Society event last month in New York where I connected with so many women just like me.

Being comfortable in my own skin to me means doing what you love, following your dreams, and putting out there to the world that you've got this and can do anything you put your mind and heart to. As for me, I am going for it! My second book, A Life With A View: Inspiring Creative Passion is due out this year and I am doing a book cover reveal on Sunday, August 20, 2017. Head on over to the Facebook page for more details and you can also sign up here for exclusive emails and special offers and giveaways from A Life With A View.

Now it is your turn. Are you comfortable in your own skin? What have you done or what do you need to do to get there? Please leave a comment or question below. I'd love to hear from you!

Help Yourself to Your Self-Care

What have you done to help your self-care routine lately? I am writing this because I often ask myself the same question. Is it eating right? Is it getting enough rest? How about doing nothing at all? Now, that sounds like a plan! Sometimes you need those times where you can just sit and do nothing; I call that renewal time. My book, A Life With A View talks a lot about renewal and how to get there. I had to dive into my writing when things were popping off around me.

I had to first start off with Faith - the Faith that I could take some time to take care of myself and things wouldn't fall apart. Faith that things would work out and I didn't have to kill myself trying to be perfect and get it right the first, or even the second time. Part of self-care is also not beating yourself up when things don't go quite right. Taking care of you is so important. How can you be there for yourself or anyone else if you don't take care of you? Being a single mom with two kids (now 16 and 9), it was important to me to find my balance; set boundaries where needed and also rely on Faith to get me through.

What gets you to your self-care routine? Do you have one? Here are four easy ways to continue and to get started in case you need the push:

1. Begin with what inspires your journey to self-care: a word, a phrase, an action.

2. Cherish the things that continue to make you better and get rid of the things that do not contribute to your happiness and renewal.

3. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, have inspired you and align your self-care routine to where you see yourself in one week, one month or six choose.

4. Choose at least one day a week to dedicate to your self-care routine. Need help in this area? Here's a little inspiration: My day is Wednesday - which I have appropriately named: Winding Down Wednesday. This is a day where, yes - I go to work, have meetings and all...but, I take the time on Wednesday evenings to unwind and go to the beauty salon, read, catch up with family and friends and if there's time, I'll catch up on my favorite television programs.

Now, you try! Let me know how are you are doing as I would love to hear from you. If you are at step 1, great! If you are in between steps, that's good too and shows progress. Feel free to share this post with others who may benefit and also drop me a line on social media or by replying to this post and let me know how you're doing. Can't wait to hear and see all your of ideas on the topic of self-care.

To help you along, I created this free self-care eBook so you can continue your journey to self-care freedom. Click the button below and help yourself to these 10 steps.



5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

Sometimes I need quiet time and space to motivate me to write and other times I need to surround myself with things to inspire my writing creativity. Whether it is music loud or soft in a room, or a quiet office space with nothing but a pen and notepad, there are times when I am more motivated than others to write.

Back in the day, (now, not that far back) it was easy - less distractions, no social media, no reality TV, and no squirrel chasing. You are probably saying "squirrel chasing"? Yes, anything shiny or new that goes by is like chasing a squirrel and we just have to have it. I am trying to get better and stay focused. Ah - focused, there it is...remaining focused. But, how do you stay motivated?

Here are 5 things I use to stay motivated on my writing journey which helps me in every day life:

  1. Write about the things which inspire you. We are good at things we love, right? Why not write about them.

  2. Connect with others on your same journey and start an accountability or writing group. This is the best way to bounce writing ideas around and gain clarity on writing topics.

  3. Not sure about starting a writing group on your own? Join an existing writing group which resonates with you. Social media is a great place to find those connections.

  4. Join a writing or blog challenge. On social media, use the hashtag #writingchallenge and you will find dozens of writing challenges and this is a great way to build your content.

  5. Write in your journal like you are talking to a friend and whatever comes to your mind. It doesn't have to be perfect. A word or phrase can build your best masterpiece.

Do you have other tips to share? How do you motivate yourself to write? Each one of the tips above continues to help me on this 4-year writing journey with more years to come. This week, A Life With A View turns 4 and I am so happy to have you here to celebrate with me. The book, the blog and the brand would not exist without all of your love and support.

I would love to hear your writing tips and how you stay motivated and also how A Life With A View is helping you and what I can do better. Leave a comment below and let's chat about it.