Meet The Girl Behind The Brand

I am from a small family where my father was an only child and so were his mom and dad, my grandparents. On my mom's side of the family, my mom has one sister and her mom and dad had a couple of siblings each. I have one sister who is three years younger than me and we are pretty close. Only living about 30 minutes from each other, we mostly text and when we talk it is almost like we just talked a few hours ago. With busy schedules dictating our lives, family has always been important to me and I consider friends my family also.

When I was much younger and living in New Jersey at the time, I always wanted to write as I was very expressive as a child and talked a lot. {at least that's what my mom told me} I always had something to say and being expressive through smiling at others is always the first thing people say when they meet me. Most times I get asked: "Why do you smile so much?" Is it for me or to help others? Feeling naturally good is always something I've felt inside even when times were tough. I relied on my faith and feeling good internally to get me through even through the pain. Smiling during those times was all I had at one point so I latched on and never let go.

I talk about my journey in a lot of my blog posts since one post just won't do it. Most recently, I highlighted Join Me On The Blog Journey and you can access the post here. Bringing everything together over the past almost 4 years has been a journey in itself - one where I would not change one thing. The constant thing about this journey is me, the girl behind the dream, behind the brand, and now in front for the world to see.

Why Do I Blog? I wrote about it here and my reason is simple: to share my stories of faith, love, happiness and hope. If I can touch one person by sharing what is most near and dear to me, I have succeeded. I first had to realize my gifts; the many different shapes, shades and sizes they come in. 

This is all part of a bigger plan, you see. To share, to write and hone in on my storytelling for two upcoming book projects in the near future. Yes, that's right - two books over the next year; actually in less than one year! The only way I can get better at writing is to keep pushing myself and honing in on what feels right to me - sharing and telling my story from beginning to end and being truly open and ready to receive all the things to come.

The girl behind the brand you ask? She is ready for the world - ready for the world to see, to share, to continue this journey. Ready to step from behind the brand and continue to be transparent, inviting, and one with my story.